From Folio online covering the process of getting an iPad app out the door. Excerpt here with link to full article.

Publishers share the factors determining their early app strategies.

Last week, WTWH launched an iPad app (a paid app that costs $2.99) for one of its flagship brands, Design World. Here, WTWH vice president of new media Marshall Matheson shares the considerations his group went through in launching the app.

1. Do you have the necessary tech skills or do you need outside help?

“For a small publisher to do a true app and not just a digital edition, you’ll have to get into software management which may be beyond their core competency,” says Matheson. “Deciding on feature set and when to lock down is challenging–people will constantly want to add or see new features, and even small ones added later in development can kill your deadline and budget. So going with a professional third party may be key, with a strong tech lead managing them. But then costs could be significant.”


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