Scott wrote the Endnote for BtoB Media Business, posted December 6, 2010, and summarizes the challenges and opportunities faced since starting WTWH Media and the DesignWorld Network.

We also understood what we think the traditional big media publisher has forgotten: the value of people, ideas and passion, which are the underlying foundation of all successful media companies. At WTWH Media, our success stems from our team’s passion and willingness to embrace a fast-changing media landscape” Caption posted with the full article here>>

Changes to media an entrepreneur’s dream

Scott McCafferty, WTWH Media.

Not long ago I was a young sales guy at a company where I shared a lot of unsolicited ideas on how to take advantage of the Internet and other changes impacting the b2b media industry. More often than not, my ideas were rejected.
Along the way, I continued to watch customers reallocate marketing dollars to new venues that my company did not offer. As a result, I was faced with a choice: continue to sell something that didn’t satisfy my customers’ requirements or use my experience as an entrepreneur and media sales guy to chase my own dream.
Fortunately, my dream and vision were shared with another challenged sales guy, Mike Emich. Together, we launched WTWH Media in 2006 with Design World and its companion website,
In theory, we competed with the major traditional print publishers serving the electrical mechanical OEM design engineer, but in reality we believed the traditional print media companies were serving the information needs of the engineer on their terms, not the engineers’.
Our mindset was to blow up the traditional media model and deliver information to the engineering community the way they wanted it. At the same time, we provided unique ways to reach this community to marketers. A key example from the beginning was enabling marketers to offer CAD drawings of their products on our website for engineers to use in designs.

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