WTWH Media Team 2015

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Located in Cleveland, OH

6555 Carnegie Avenue, Ste. 300
Cleveland, OH 44103
Phone: (888) 543-2447
Email: click here


Scott McCafferty
Scott McCaffertyManaging Director

Business Development

Todd Tidmore
Todd TidmoreVP of Sales
Todd Christenson
Todd ChristensonVP Business Development
Jim Powers
Jim PowersKey Account Manager
Michael Ference
Michael FerenceVice President, Business Development
Tom Lazar
Tom LazarRegional Sales Manager
Courtney Seel
Courtney SeelRegional Sales Manager
Neel Gleason
Neel GleasonRegional Sales Manager
Jessica East
Jessica EastRegional Sales Manager
Michael Caruso
Michael CarusoVP of EE Product Development
Michelle Flando
Michelle FlandoRegional Sales Manager
Megan Hollis
Megan HollisRegional Sales Manager

Editorial – Design World / EE World / Fluid Power World

Paul Heney
Paul HeneyEditorial Director
Leslie Langnau
Leslie LangnauManaging Director
Miles Budimir
Miles BudimirSenior Editor
Mary Gannon
Mary GannonSenior Editor
Lisa Eitel
Lisa EitelSenior Editor
Lee Teschler
Lee TeschlerExecutive Editor
Michelle DiFrangia
Michelle DiFrangiaAssistant Editor
Aimee Kalnoskas
Aimee KalnoskasContributing Editor
Danielle Collins
Danielle CollinsSenior Editor

Editorial – Renewable Energy

Kathie Zipp
Kathie ZippManaging Editor - Solar Power World
Paul Dvorak
Paul DvorakEditorial Director- Windpower Engineering & Development
Nic Abraham
Nic AbrahamManaging Editor - Windpower Engineering & Development
Steven Bushong
Steven BushongAssociate Editor
Kelly Pickerel
Kelly PickerelAssociate Editor - Solar Power World
Michelle Froese
Michelle FroeseSenior Editor - Windpower Engineering & Development


Dave Miyares
Dave MiyaresWeb Development Manager
Patrick Amigo
Patrick AmigoWeb Development Specialist
Pat Curran
Pat CurranContent & SEO Specialist
Jennifer Calhoon
Jennifer CalhoonOnline Coordinator
John Hansel
John HanselIntegrated Media Specialist
Joshua Jones
Joshua JonesVideo Coordinator


Stacy Combest
Stacy CombestMarketing Manager
Heather Centorbi
Heather CentorbiMedia & Events Coordinator
Carli Evilsizer
Carli EvilsizerMarketing Coordinator
Nicole Loepp
Nicole LoeppMarketing Coordinator
Jennifer Kolasky
Jennifer KolaskyMarketing Coordinator


Mark Rook
Mark RookCreative Services Director
Matt Claney
Matt ClaneyGraphic Designer
Meg Schneider
Meg SchneiderGraphic Designer
Mary Heideloff
Mary HeideloffTraffic Manager
Bruce Sprague
Bruce SpragueAudience Development Director